Camp Eagle 2009 Registration
Friday, 30 October 2009

Camp Eagle 2009: Step Up. Discover your leadership and unleash your potential.

Join us as student leaders if you like leading, organising and running school events! By joining, you will undergo a one day leadership training program that will help discover your leadership and unleash your potential.

What: Camp Eagle 2009
When: 7 November 2009 (Saturday) 9:00a.m. to 9:00p.m.
Where: Campus
Who: S.I.T. Year 1 Students

How to sign up: Send an email to sitclub0910@gmail.com with the following information.

-Full Name
-Admin Number
-Email Address (MSN)
-Mobile Number
-Home Number
-Diet Preference (e.g. Halal? Vegetarian?)

Deadline: 4 November 2009 (Wednesday)

Check out S.I.T. FaceBook page for more updates:

Don't miss out on this great opportunity and register now! Hope to see you there. (:

Warmest Regards,
S.I.T. Club

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About S.I.T. Club

School Of Information Technology Club (S.I.T. Club) is one of the most happening clubs in NYP!

S.I.T. Club EXCOs will organize various interesting events to engage students studying in NYP.

Events such as Freshmen Orientation and Open House are some of the events organised by S.I.T. Club.