Replies (:
Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Hi, thanks to all who had tagged your messages on the tagboard
Now I'm here to reply all of them (:

  1. For all sports, it can be played mixed gender (meaning both males & females can form one team) But if you insist in playing in a all males' or all females' team, we have no restrictions either. (:
  2. All sports will start at the same time, so one participating team can only participate in one sport.
  3. Prizes for this competition will be medals and Adidas vouchers.
  4. Timings for the games are designed that way for a reason, so please do respect the timings that the S.I.T. planners had set. (Thank You Very Much!)
  5. Lastly, please keep our tagboard free from verbal conflicts. (Thank You Very Much again :D)
Any more inquires? Email us @ sitclub0910@gmail.com now then. (:
See you @ Sports Champ! :D

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