SportsChampionship 09/10
Monday, 21 December 2009

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the rainy weather had caused SportsChamp to arrive to a premature stop. We apologized for the inconvenience caused and made the decision to postpone to a later date; considering everyone's safety and welfare.

Nevertheless, we did have a champion for the Captain's Ball category. CONGRATULATIONS! They'd gotten themselves a medal and a couple of Addidas vouchers each. What's more, they stood a chance to challenge the executive committee who had organized this sporting event.

We sincerely hope the rest of the participants will return and compete on the postponed date that will be announced sooner or later to join in the fun and conclude SportsChamp successfully. This event aims to showcase the Champion and Sportsmanship sprit in every single one of you.

Thank you for your participation in this event and hope all of you have fun! =D

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