S.I.T. Club Executive Committee 2010/11
Monday, 9 August 2010

Another augural event is coming up not long soon enough, what more can it be other than the Annual General Meeting. The current batch of Executive Committee members will step down gloriously after serving the club for a year and the new batch will continue the generation, following the tradition and applying what they've learnt from their seniors. S.I.T. Club will then soar to greater heights!

In a nutshell, the selection for Executive Committee 2010/11 will commence not next month, not next week, not tomorrow, but NOW! So what are you hesitating for? If you think you've got the game, you've got the feeling, you're fit and interested to be one of Executive Committee members, then join the family now by sending us an e-mail using your NYP e-mail account to sitclub0910@gmail.com! If you use any other e-mail providers such as Hotmail, we won't take your application into consideration we're afraid.

E-mail instructions: Please follow the following format given.

Subject: Running for EXCO 2010/11

Full Name:


Module Group:

Administration Number:

Contact Number:

Comments: (Minimum 2)

If you are wondering what the comments field is for, they're basically people whom can be your friends, lecturers, and even us ExCos, to write testimonials for you as a show of support for running the EXCO 2010/11. Oh! Do upload a portrait/passport photo of yourself for identification purposes.


Selection starts from 10th August and ends on 21st August 2010 (2359 hours) and it's only applicable for Year 2 S.I.T. students only!

*Disclaimer: This selection and its contents are only applicable for Year 2 S.I.T. students only. Please note that through this selection, not everyone will be selected to run the EXCO 2010/11.

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About S.I.T. Club

School Of Information Technology Club (S.I.T. Club) is one of the most happening clubs in NYP!

S.I.T. Club EXCOs will organize various interesting events to engage students studying in NYP.

Events such as Freshmen Orientation and Open House are some of the events organised by S.I.T. Club.