Silver InfoComm Day
Thursday, 9 September 2010

Pool of IT skills, think you've got that high-tech savvy mind? Well, here's your chance to be a lecturer in the Silver InfoComm Day!

From 1st October to 3rd October, 8a.m. to 6p.m., a group of senior citizens who will spend their time at NYP to take up some IT skills from you. Who says the elderly are always old-fashioned? They're gonna learn how to use Google, Blogger, Flickr and even everyone's favourited Facebook, all just from you!

So are you ready to take up this challenge? Simply e-mail us to our e-mail address (sitclub0910@gmail.com) the details as below.

Full Name (As stated on IC):
Mobile Number:
Administration Number:
T-Shirt Size:
1st E-mail Address:
Available Dates: (You're encouraged to attend ALL 3 days)
23rd September 4p.m. to 5p.m. Briefing Attendance: Y/N (Choose 1)
FYPJ Student: Y/N (Choose 1)

Hey! This event is opened to all, meaning not only S.I.T. students can participate. What are the benefits from joining this event? Definitely, CCA points will be awarded for your contribution, you get a free Silver InfoComm Day T-shirt, mouthwatering food will be served to satisfy your hunger and most importantly, the experience; be it a lecturer or whatever roles you are assigned to.

Still hesitating? Slots are limited so come on and register NOW!

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