Monday, 22 November 2010

Camp Eagle 10/11 :)

Camp Eagle 10/11 is an annual student leader camp that helps students realise their leadership potential.
This camp was held on Saturday, 13 November 2010 and it was a single day camp.

All S.I.T. Club Excos were present to organize and carry out this awesome event! :)

These are some of the group pictures we took during the camp itself :

This is our dearest President, David making his speech to the participants :)

During this camp, the participants had fun playing the team bonding games we have planned for them,

Some groups did forfeit, 

Some combined their forfeits together...

Besides dry team bonding games, we had wet games too.

There were 7 participants who put their heads and teamwork together,
 to form a high "pyramid" :)

We also had a banner competition where teams are required to brainstorm and come up with a banner which will constitute of their team's uniqueness 
and the values they think makes a great leader :)

Apart from that, a cheer competition was also held, and we had teams 
displaying their loud and enthusiastic cheers inside LT-L3 :)

More pictures and the video of the combined cheers 
have already been posted on our Facebook page,

On behalf of S.I.T. Club, I would like to thank all Camp Eagle 10/11 Participants,
for being part of our event.
Without you all, this event would not be a success :)

Do look out for more upcoming events which we will be planning :)

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