Tuesday, 19 July 2011

is an event planned by School of Information Technology (SIT), as well as School of Chemical & Life Sciences (SCL) students, and its aim is to provide opportunities to have fun, and at the same timechallenge other participating teams, just like the The Amazing Race which you see on TV!

There will be more than 10 games being played, and you & your team of 6 to 8 members will have to overcome the possible obstacles and complete the challenge in the shortest time possible.
Points will be awarded, according to the amount of time or score that your team takes per game.

This event is EXCLUSIVE to ALL S.I.T. & S.C.L. Students only,
And there will be attractive prizes to be won!
So what are YOU waiting for?

Form a team of 6 to 8 students, with at least 3 girls in your team,
Pick up the forms at the booth located at Block L, Level 2 and sign up now!
Do approach our students stationed at the booth from 9am to 5pm for more details :)

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About S.I.T. Club

School Of Information Technology Club (S.I.T. Club) is one of the most happening clubs in NYP!

S.I.T. Club EXCOs will organize various interesting events to engage students studying in NYP.

Events such as Freshmen Orientation and Open House are some of the events organised by S.I.T. Club.