Thursday, 7 July 2011

STANDOUT'11/12 is an event planned by our Year 2 Students, which aims to provide opportunities for all S.I.T. Students and Alumni to showcase their talents (be it singing, dancing, acrobatics, and many many more), either as a group or an individual. 

Being in this event will serve as an enriching experience, as participants will get to obtain valuable characteristics like on-stage charisma, highly competitive spirits and self-motivation, which will ultimately groom each participant to be a better person.

Rounds of auditions will be held, and there will be judges to judge the participants based on overall performance.
Attractive prizes will be awarded for winners, so do prepare for your showcase :)

If you wish to join, these are just a few guidelines to take note of:
  • You may choose to join solo, or as a group of maximum 5 people,
  • Performance item must not be anything obscene, political, racist or sexist,
  • Performance language is bound strictly to English,
  • You are only required to display one performance item, and not multiple,
  • Participants are only open to ALL S.I.T. Students, and alumni,
  • Late submissions will not be entertained, so any entries submitted after the given deadline will not be accepted.
If you or your friends think you have got what it takes to impress us,
do head down to the booth at Block L, Level 2 to get the registration forms to sign up now!

Our booth will be open from 9am to 5pm daily, so do approach our booth if you wish to enquire (:

Registration opens NOW till 13 July 2011, and it is OPEN to all S.I.T. Students and Alumni only!

Do check your school email for more information, 
alternatively you can stay tuned to our Facebook page, and our website for more details!

We hope to see you there!

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