Monday, 22 August 2011


On Friday, the 22nd of July 2011, all planners and helpers gather to help out in the first-ever StandOut 11/12 competition, which aims to motivate and boost the confidence of the participants,
so that they will be able to bring out their best talents & showcase them, in front of a live audience.

Here are our StandOut Judges (from left to right) : 
Mr. Shawn Yap, Mr NYP'2011;
Ms. Rachel Tan, President of NYP SoundCard;
Ms. Stephanie Tan, S.I.T. CLUB Senior EXCO;
Mr. Ang Kian Keong, S.I.T. CLUB Advisor.
A Big Thank-you to our guest performers!

These are our Top 5 Finalists (from second left to second right):
Acoustic Duo;

After the first round of competition, the Top 3 finalists emerged,
and they go all out to compete for the next round (:

The audience were given the chance to vote for their favourite participant(s) via SMS, 
and the lines closed at 9.15pm sharp that night.

Our 2nd Runner-up was... Aysha!
Impressing us with her amazing belly dance performance, 
she came in third and won $100 worth of Capita vouchers!

Our 1st Runner-up was the Acoustic Duo, Frederick and Hakim!
They sang a medley of songs, like Breakeven and Fall For You, which moved our judges and audience,
and they walked away with $150 worth of Capita vouchers!

Last but not least, Ya!Ben? displayed their awesome dance moves and together, 
both guys emerged as Champion for the StandOut competition! 
They won $250 worth of Capita vouchers,

and with that, the StandOut competition officially comes to an end.
To sum it up, StandOut 11/12 was a fun-filled night, 
and though this event is the first of its kind,
all planners and helpers did their best to make StandOut 11/12 a success, by ensuring the crowd was settled and to ensure there was no major hiccups in the flow of the event.

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