Saturday, 11 February 2012

Sports Champ!

Sports Champ was held on 14th January 2012 from 10am - 5pm. There were a total of 3 sports: Basketball, Street Soccer and Captains Ball. It was indeed scorching hot on that day, but nevertheless
all of us (participants and EXCOs and helpers) had a great time!

Preparing for registrations! :)

EXCOs preparing and waiting for all sports to start. :)

A picture from one of the basketball matches. Enjoy the rest of the pictures! :)

We are glad to see so many happy faces! Once again, congratulations to all!
I'd like to thank all participants, helpers, EXCOs and our sponsors for being involved in this event. Without any one of us, it would not have been possible.

More pictures can be found on our facebook account at http://facebook.com/nypsit

Stay tune for more updates about our upcoming events (hint: Freshmen Orientation!)

it's also the examination period. On behalf of all, I'd like to wish everyone good luck
with their examinations!

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