HeartzOut 12/13
Thursday, 18 October 2012

HeartzOut is an annual event organised by students in School of Information Technology. This year, we are doing a carnival and run event with the main objective of raising funds for the charity
So do join us now and do your part for the society!

Join the charity run now by registering at our booth located outside Shopping Arcade.

Come and join us at our carnival on 24th October 2012! 

See you there!

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About S.I.T. Club

School Of Information Technology Club (S.I.T. Club) is one of the most happening clubs in NYP!

S.I.T. Club EXCOs will organize various interesting events to engage students studying in NYP.

Events such as Freshmen Orientation and Open House are some of the events organised by S.I.T. Club.