Sunday, 13 January 2013

Calling all S.I.T. Year 1 students! 

  • Have any academic doubts?
  • Are you all stressed out from studying?
  • Having difficulties in coding?
  • Having problems with some modules?

If you are facing any of the above problems then I-StudySmart is the thing for you! 

I-StudySmart is a program that is created to help students who are academically weak to achieve academic excellence with the help from their peers or Year 2/3 Seniors. 

Registration is still open today so join us now!! 

Our first session is starting this week on Wed and Fri so don't miss out and come join us now!!

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About S.I.T. Club

School Of Information Technology Club (S.I.T. Club) is one of the most happening clubs in NYP!

S.I.T. Club EXCOs will organize various interesting events to engage students studying in NYP.

Events such as Freshmen Orientation and Open House are some of the events organised by S.I.T. Club.